Albert Corriveau
February 29, 2024
Terry Rumery
February 26, 2024

Great people to deal with. Helped me out a lot.

Isaac Akanbi
January 3, 2024
Richard Bardan
May 27, 2023
Ben Dewhirst
September 21, 2022

Skilled recovery crews with access to great equipment - far in excess of your local route shop. Secure storage yard if you are in a situation requiring it. All staff I talked to were courteous - again, that isn't the case in every row yard. Do your business here if you can.

Kim Calderon
August 30, 2022

I can't remember the guy's name that helped me out here but I want to give him a shout out. He is really great at his job. Very patient with people, very understanding, and exceptionally nice to everyone. This is so very appreciated when people like me are going through alot after just wrecking my vehicle.

Shawn Turner
June 24, 2022

Real decent personnel, knowledgeable, friendly mechanics. Fixed problem quick fast,got invoice and gone. How it's supposed to be.

DJ Lincoln
April 13, 2022
Joseph D'Angelo
March 1, 2022

Got in accident came and towed me quickly driver was professional and kind police were very professional also

Karen Lindo-Peters
January 24, 2022

They were very nice and helped me ,an old lady who could not open the hood of her car they came, they opened it and then they Fixed my latch and oiled my latch all for free .THANK YOU GUYS

Shane Bryant
November 4, 2021
Sam Gale
October 20, 2021

I was under a load traveling on the highway when the short shaft on my tractor had catastrophic failure it’ snapped and broke in half. half of the shaft knocked out a couple of brake chambers one on the tractor and one on the trailer the other half got wedged up in the tractor. Joe from R&F Motors came out and he was very professional. It took Joe sometime before we were able to move the vehicle because he needed to take precaution so as not to cause any more damage to already what was unknown for the reason of the shaft snapping and falling off the truck. But once we got going Joe took the load and dropped it off in one town for me and then towed my truck to the yard where I parked which was an additional 60 miles away. And he never complained about having to tow my truck that far. Words cannot express enough of how professional and courteous Joe was and he was extremely helpful to me. I would definitely recommend R&F Motors should you find yourself in need of towing and/or repair services.

Michael Palm
May 13, 2021
Master Shake
May 7, 2021

Excellent service rob Joe and Ben always take care of m these guys are great I call a few days ahead and they get whatever it is I need for parts and always get me in. I am from out of state and schedule my maintenance with R&F every time I come to the area. There prices are great and the service is top notch. I can not Express my gratitude enough for this shop. If you need work done come to R&F motors.

William Dickey
March 15, 2021
Allen Love
February 10, 2021

I want to thank the guys at R&F motors Inc for doing such a great job of fixing my truck I had a real bad air leak they got me in fixed it it was gone in a matter of hours look forward to working with you guys again if you ever in the Area of Taunton Massachusetts looked them up. You guys have Love Transport LLC Business life life

joey goode
November 15, 2020
Jason Dyer
October 27, 2020

Had our primary work truck go down and needed a water pump replacement and wet PM asap. The team at R & F worked very hard to get us back to work and support our operation. Greatly appreciated! Jason

Youness Eljadid
October 9, 2020

Joe saved me last night at 4 am I broke down on a overpass and before I knew it he was there in his tow truck. He got my load delivered and recommended R&F motors to replace my starter. They got the job done before noon when I had to leave I was sleeping in the truck the whole time. I woke up and my truck was running again and Rob even washed it for me. Thanks guys wonderful job.

Joe Keene
September 15, 2020

Highly efficient professional service with a smile.

Durt Lyfe
September 6, 2020

Joe really helped me out , I was stuck and he got me out . He arrived before well before the estimated arrival time and got me loaded safely .

Antonio Dray
August 19, 2020

Great and friendly staff great work fast service and I will most deff come bac to get my truck worked on again ... thanks guys I appreciate it ✊🏾

Charlotte Bingham
August 12, 2020

We had to be towed to Boston Freightliner from Tauton, Joe was very courteous & helpful, treated us professionally & fair. Would definitely use this company again if the need arises.

Robert Chaves
August 9, 2020
Mike Nicienski
August 7, 2020

My truck was towed and Joe was courteous towards me. He showed up quickly and got the job done. This was not an easy tow job. It was a loaded car carrier with some issues which made it a difficult task but Joe just got it done. I have no complaints and would recommend R&F motors.

Roberto Soberano
August 3, 2020
August 3, 2020

Super friendly staff. Got to us quickly.

Gary Brochu
July 30, 2020

Top shelf mechanical repair at a reasonable price .

Andrew Larrimore
July 29, 2020

Had my RV inspection done. Very professional and respectful of my RV. Tech was concerned about entering my RV with oil and grease on his boots. Was very impressed with how quickly and thorough he performed the inspection.

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